Monday, July 27, 2009

Not a Blogger....

Yes, it is true. I have a blog. I know I need it, some place to write, and vent probably.... but I just didn't want one, because I don't want to have this turn into what my myspace did.... lame. lol. :P I need to write again... yes Stephanie, I admitted it. Once upon a time, I was good at it, or so they tell me still.

I'm not really an onion, I don't have layers. I love God, and only by His grace... He loves me too. I love my family, more about them another time, and my friends. My friends keep me sane, and laughing. My numero uno, is Steph. (Who does NOT suck at softball anymore.) She has the patience for the both of us, since I have very little. We're different... WAY different. But, I like her that way. And I make her laugh, and I'm here for her. Because she stresses alot, I have to be the one to make her smile sometimes. :) I have a great group of friends... all of them. Jennifer, Jess, Justin, Lizard, Wendy, Elwin, Jarrett, Shelby, and Sarah. I love Jen alot. She's always been there.... even before we decided we were actually best friends. lol. We rock. :P Lizard came outta nowhere, and I doubted her existence when Justin started dating her, but I needed a girl like her. We share common likes and dislikes. Like uh... shoes, and alot! hehe. I can always just me the simple Serina I wanna be with them. No pretending, nothing... just me. Wendy came from out of the clear blue, and has really pulled me down to earth in some good ways. Challenging, but very rewarding. No matter what... I just love her. Simple as that. I love my boyfriend, Ryan. Alot. When all else fails... I have him. And when I have everything, he's there too. He IS my best friend, first and foremost. Then my boyfriend. He makes me better, and he makes me stronger. He is my compliment. He always seems to calm me down when I just can't. And make me smile when I just can't. I don't deserve him, and yet he still can't seem to get enough of me. I'm NOT lucky... I'm just way too blessed. :) And I'm glad. I love music. It's what I use to express myself when I don't have words. I love my chinese pugs, Elvis and Priscilla, they are AWESOME. Quite literally THE best dogs on earth. Period. hehe. That leads me to my next point.... I love Elvis, the King. My dad got me hooked when I was little, and I still love his music... thus, I have a dog named after him. lol. I'm keeping this blog short, because the blogs to come will have plenty, so why put all the stuff about me in one....

So, ok. I'm done. :) lol.

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  1. umm.. hi. I LOVE YOU!:)
    you made me smile(which you are very good at doing) :) and I needed that.

    I'm glad you think I have patience, because i don't think so. :)

    I'm soooo exctied you finally started this! You should post your 101 in 1001 list on here. and fyi, I expect to see some new writing soon. you could even post old stuff or whatever because you are just THAT awesome. :)