Friday, July 31, 2009

My 101 in 1001! :)

1. Graduate from college
2. Get back in shape, and back to my "comfy" weight.
(DONE!!!) 3. Go horseback riding again like I used to
4. Ride a dirt bike
5. Study abroad
6. Be instrumental in helping to bring someone to Christ
7. Be as much, if not more, in love with Ryan as I am today :)
8. Visit my brother Randy, frequently.
10. Go on an awesome picnic with Ryan
11. Buy my house
12. Breed my pugs Elvis and Priscilla
13. Get my mom to go to church with me...
(DONE!!!) 14. Get the 4 classic disney movies I need to complete my collection
15. Play the french horn again
16. Take Ryan to see the beach for his first time
17. Keep all the best friends I have now
18. See a Rangers game for the first time
19. Meet Nolan Ryan
20. Build a big snowman :)
21. See a hippopotamus (not a pigmey one either!)
22. Hit an in the field home run in softball
23. STAY in the Honors program at WTAMU
24. Take more awesome hat pictures with Ashley again
25. Change my new baby nephews' diaper after he's born
26. Ride my dad's new Harley
27. Shoot a hand gun
28. Go hunting
29. Visit Canada
30. Get an hour long massage by a professional
31. Visit an old old gothic style cathedral
32. Dance in the rain
(DONE!!) 33. Go fishing
34. Help our church out with some kind of big gift
(DONE!!)35. Watch my brother race his car
36. Win something from the crane machine
37. Spend $100 on other people
38. Make mexican rice like my grandma's
39. Play Zoo/Roller Caoster Tycoon for as long as I want one day
40. Go snowboarding again
41. Make hot sauce
42. Get Stephanie on a date!
43. See Crystal get engaged to Frank
44. Take all 3 of my dogs to the dog park
45. Go to Fall Retreat for church... and be one of the youngest people there!! :P
46. Spend one day with God, and God only.
47. Learn to play Amazing Grace on my guitar
48. Get an 85 or better in calculus
49. On a road trip, stop and see all the historical markers
50. Go on a cruise
51. See a wild bear
52. Make a financial investment for my future
53. Go shoe shopping with amazing freinds
(DONE!!!) 54. Paint my room
(DONE!!) 55. Decorate my own room, and LOVE it
(DONE!!) 56. Write another poem for the first time in a long while
(DONE!!!) 57. Laugh SO hard, I cry
58. NOT forget to sign up for scholarships! :/
59. Keep using "zizzled" in place of "pissed". :)
60. Have my dad visit my church and see me singing
61. Try a spray tan. lol
62. Paint my toenails ALL different colors, like I used to when I was little. :D
63. Read a book I have NEVER heard of
64. Watch an OU sport live, AT the game.
65. Run in a cancer race in honor of my dad.
66. Get my dog Cooper a hair cut.
67. Get a laptop
68. Stop my bad habits of biting my fingers and playing with my hair
69. Mow my lawn
(DONE!!!) 70. Start a blog. :/
71. Play BINGO... somewhere. lol.
(DONE!!!) 72. Kiss in the rain
73. Write about all of these, and their stories.
74. Go camping again with the youth group. :)
75. Go "out" one night with Steph. lol.
76. Take a random day trip with Ryan
77. BUY a french horn
78. Ride the Texas Titian at 6 Flags 6 times in a row at Naz Nite. :)
79. Get my savings account back up to $5,000

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  1. I am TOTALLY up for 78!!