Saturday, November 14, 2009

Enough is Enough....

I want my friends to be friends already. Read up.....

Stop saying ME ME ME ME ME, I I I I I........ stop saying she said, she said, she said...... and stop saying I can't I can't I can't. THAT IS LAME

DID OUR SAVIOR SAY ME ME ME???? OR I I I??? NOPE..... he said you you you, we we we, and LORD LORD LORD. He didn't say he said, she said, they said..... he said I'll HELP, I'll LOVE. DID HE SAY ANYTHING ABOUT I CAN'T, I CAN'T, I JUST CAN'T????? Well, if He did.... WE WOULDN'T HAVE CHRISTMAS, OR EASTER!!!!


The point is...... I love you people more than anything.... YEAH, EVEN MORE THAN RYAN. Ask him about what I've been praying about most...... YOU GUYS!!!

I'm ready for you to get it over with. I'm ready for you to stop being selfish, and quit quitting. I'm ready to hear I think I will, I think I can, I think I probably should. Why do you guys think I'm your friend?? Why do you think I'm such a good one?? Because..... it's not about me. It's not about what I can't do. It's about US. It's about HOW we make each other better. Consider this yet another contribution in my efforts to LOVE YOU....... BUILD A BRIDGE, AND GET OVER IT. I've been hurt.... you know that just as much as God Himself does. I have been SOOO hurt, I just wanted to give up, and quit..... but do I love my dad??? YES. Did I live after Jeff??? WHY YES I DID. Am I still here to love you after my parents split up, and my world changed in 24 hours??? YOU BET. And will I sit here and let you beat each other down bit by bit, and hurt each other but trying to NOT hurt each other, and all that junk??? NO WAY. I've done alot for you guys...... A LOT. Now..... PLEASE JUST DO THIS FOR ME. I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS. Is it hard? yeah. Is it fun? nope. Is it worth it? Every single step. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a SINGLE step. TAKE IT PLEASE!!! PLEASE?!? Nothing good was ever worth while if wasn't HARD.... I learned that. You know it too.... so come on already. Is it really worth all this to be this way?? Is it really worth all this pain? And the let-downs? And the wasted texts? No.... it isn't. Not even for me. Because I KNOW we were not led to this path for no stinkin random reason. SO JUST WALK WITH ME ALREADY. Quit lookin back, and thinkin twice. Don't make something that was so beautiful become so ugly. Please...... I'm just ready to love my friends at the same time, in the same place, and for them to love me back.... and right now.... you won't let me. Meet me halfway? You know... and Lord knows... I hardly ever ask for help..... please help me. PLEASE just help each other. We are supposed to be like Jesus.... and He forgave us for every little thing.... the lies, the words said, the dirtiness, the parties, the shy and sheltered ignorance, the everything..... ultimate. I love you so so much.... I don't want to lose you to each other's persona's of negative belief.... I just love you guys.... please, just forgive. And love each other anyways. I do it for you, do it for ME by doing it for each other. I can't live my life without you guys.... but I NEED ALL OF YOU..... not these half-persons that I've seen lately. You took a part of each other..... now give it back, and SHARE. We're each lacking, and not whole without the other. And if we were.... I wouldn't be writing this, and you wouldn't both be so stressed right now. But TOGETHER..... we're one beautiful and awesome blessing. Please don't take that away from yourselves...... you both suck, and so do I.... but I love those parts too. Even NOW!!! So just love each other's... because one day, we'll need it so so badly.... and this is where it has to happen. God... please please please...... love. I love you....... please just do this. Dig deep, and look past yourselves..... and I know we can do this. I know it. We're meant to be strong... TOGETHER. I can't do this without you guys.... now just do it with me. Our lives are just starting.... we can't afford to be absent, or angry. It'll slip away, and we'll regret it forever. That's why I wrote this.... cuz if I don't, I will regret it forever. I want both of you at my wedding, in my house, in my LIFE..... please just be the blessing to each other that you are to me. If we were perfect it'd be boring.... so just love it. Love what makes you suck... each other, and ourselves....... and it'll be ok. I promise. Please..... please...... please....... God please.

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