Monday, August 3, 2009

To Number 22.....

You make my heart skip beats and beat faster at the same time.
Your hand asked what your mouth wouldn't, then my hand said, "Yes, I'll go out with you."
That was all it took, and here we are 2 years later.
I was 14 when I first saw you across the courtyard, I'm 19 and still amazed.
Sometimes I feel like a jigsaw puzzle, and you just make me feel complete.
Other times, I just know our hands were made to hold each others.
Because God made you... I know He's in love with me.
I love your smile, so I like making you laugh so it will reappear.
You are the best friend that I've ever had,
You're the best team mate I have ever gotten to play with,
You are the best boyfriend I will always get to love.
You promise me... and you do it.
You tell me... and I believe you.
I would follow you anywhere, I told you that when I was 16.
Now I'm 19, and I just can't picture having any US, without the U.
You make me burn in places of my heart that I never even knew existed.
For the first time ever... there are 3 in this relationship,
And He, God Himself, makes us so perfect together while we're so imperfect.
I watched your games, and I didn't even think I existed to you.
And then we were both number 22,
Now I exist, but I still like to sneak peeks at you just cuz you're you.
In the courtyard I asked my friends if I looked okay,
Then I asked if you looked at me,
And for some reason you still do everyday.
Somehow all roads led to YOU.
Our names are like a one-word name now that our friends use to shorten things up.
Sometimes, I love you so much I forget you even need to hear it.
I like telling you... because you tell me too.
When my eyes get cloudy, and start to rain...
Your shoulder is the warm grass I can always fall on.
We're not just cute and hot and sexy to each other... no way.
It's handsome and beautiful and amazing.
I didn't wait my whole life to find you...
I cried, laughed, and learned my way to earn you when I did.
Losing you would be like losing a thumb....
I would live, but I just can't get a grip without you.
If you and me were the last ones on the whole Earth...
I would still wait until we were married.
That's how special you are to me.
For the first time in my life saying you won't love me tomorrow
Would be like saying the sun won't shine at all tomorrow.
For the first time, my dad completely approves and it even makes him cry.
No Harley will ever make him happier than when he sees me so happy with you.
It feels like only this summer we watched that Pirates of the Caribbean movie...
But it feels like eternity when I feel our love.
I prayed when that movie ended that I would just be able to keep you....
And I still do.

I love you.

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